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I became passionate about taking self-propelled vacations when living in British Columbia. My friends all had travelled around the world on 'two wheels' and told me stories of their adventures. I had never thought of using a bicycle to go farther than the park on a sunny day. I became fascinated by the idea of touring by bicycle and began to take short trips by myself. I discovered it was so much fun!

Since that time, I have taken almost all my vacations by bicycle to near and far away places. Now I take friends along to experience majestic mountain ranges, spectacular ocean views, pristine glacial lakes and historic vintage towns: all places that can be experienced from the seat of a bicycle.

I am a League Cycling Instructor (LCI) with the League of American Bicyclists and especially enjoy working with adults to provide them the skills they need to ride safely in the city and beyond - I get a thrill out of seeing folks become empowered as cyclists.

I created this website to share the many bicycle routes and maps I have created over the years with eager souls looking for something new. Thanks for visiting my site - I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for taking self-propelled trips, near and far with you!

ABOUT This Site

This site has been created to encourage and help those who would like to travel to near and far away places by bicycle, to take a self-propelled trip either to your local grocery store or perhaps around the world.

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