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 Europe Tour May 14 - June 15, 2015

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May 14 - June 15, 2015

Long-time friend, Jackie Cupp, and I enjoy a month's adventure through Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Part of the tour is by bicycle and the other by train and foot. We depart May 14th and return June 15th.

We begin our adventure in Germany. After a few days of touring by train we bike along the Danube River from Donauworth to Passau. There we turn in our rented bicycle from Radweg-Reisen Cycle Tours then hit Paris for a few days of fun!

From Paris to Belgium by train where we arrive at the great city of Brussels. We have a few hours to explore before catching the train for the 25 minute trip to Ghent. We spend the next day biking around that quaint city with rental bikes before leaving for Bruge. From Bruge... well my goodness, just look at our detailed itinerary below to see how many places we will visit.

We pick up fully loaded hybrid bicycles in Amsterdam. Then we travel through the northern part of the Netherlands for a week. Upon return we catch a much needed three day break in Amsterdam, then depart for the United States.

Jackie lives in Las Vegas and I live in Portland, so we have had great fun using many Internet tools to plan our trip.

Watch a really cool video of Groningen:

Youtube Video of Gronigen

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